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RV & Sailboat Financing the Smart Way

Retirement is often the perfect time for travel, and a reverse mortgage can help you reach your travel dreams.

RV & Boat Financing from $0 / Month

Sound too good to be true?

Whether you want to take a dream vacation with your family, or hit the seas or road for an extended time, reverse mortgages are exactly like a regular mortgage – you can use the funds for whatever you like.

Your heirs or charity will still receive your home if that’s your intent. It will simply have a low, easy-to-pay off mortgage that’s due upon sale, or must be refinanced into a new conventional mortgage (or home equity line) if your heirs intend to keep the home.

Boat and RV financing is often at higher rates, and requires a monthly payment. Furthermore, Boat & RV financing may carry additional burdens relating to insurance or destinations you can visit if sailing internationally.

By rebalancing equity from one’s primary residence into a reverse mortgage, one can get the best of all worlds – zero monthly payment, tax benefits (accrued interest against a primary residence), and if you choose, a lump sum that can be used for travel, in-home medical help, RVs or boats – whatever you choose.

In the case of boat and RV financing, you’ll have a new asset on the books, and this is really a case of shuffling money (equity) from one pocket to another – while helping you enjoy your retirement.

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