Orange County Reverse Mortgage –

Postponing Social Security Case Study

One interesting use of a Reverse Mortgage is using it to pay off the last few years of a forward mortgage, and in doing so, you won’t have any payment, and thus can delay collecting on social security, and thus collect a higher amount.

That’s a lot of moving parts, but in short, by delaying when you start collecting on social security, you’ll get a higher amount per month.

A reverse mortgage has no monthly payments required. The interest and principal you’d normally pay simply accrues onto the balance, as long as you’re in the property until you move, sell, or pass away.

Because each individual is difference, contact us for a consultation to find out if it would be mathematically superior to start your social security earlier and continue making any forward mortgage payments (if any), or if it makes sense to delay, and get the higher monthly amount in a few years and use a reverse mortgage to bridge that gap.

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